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22.06 16:02 - A Quick FAQ on MOFs
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 What Are MOFs?


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline materials composed of coordination bonds between transition-metal cations and multidentate organic linkers. The structure of MOFs is characterized by an open framework that can be porous (porous materials). MOFs are a subclass of coordination polymers, and these attractive materials have large surface areas, high porosity, and good chemical stability; and they have shown promise in chemistry (H2 separation and catalysis), magnetism, and optics. They have also shown potential for drug delivery following the demonstration in 2006 that chromium-based MOFs can be loaded with ibuprofen.


How Many MOFs Are There?


Millions of distinct metal-organic frameworks can be made by combining metal nodes and organic linkers. At present, over 90,000 MOFs have been synthesized and over 500,000 predicted


What Are MOFs Used for?


MOFs can be used for gas separation and storage, catalysis, and sensing applications. More recently, increasing interest has been attracted to apply MOFs for biomedical applications, such as imaging, sensing, and loading therapeutic agents as delivery vehicles.


MOFs for Drug Delivery?


So far, polymeric and inorganic complexes have been widely applied for the drug delivery and controllable release of pharmaceutical compounds. Metal-organic frameworks, combining the advantages of polymers and inorganic mesoporous solids, have emerged as drug delivery matrices.


Compared to other traditional drug carriers (i.e., polymers, nanoparticles, bacteria, etc.), MOFs exhibit an excellent drug loading capacity and controlled release profile of many therapeutic agents, attributed to their porous structures. In addition, MOFs can be engineered for specific drug delivery due to the flexibility and versatile chemical composition of the framework. Additionally, when designing MOFs for drug delivery, it is important to take into consideration their wettability and stability.



Figure 1. The proportional distribution of iron-based MOFs in drug delivery and biomedicine. (Liu, Xianbin, et al, 2021.)


What Are Iron-based MOFs?


Iron-based MOFs, or Fe-MOFs, are iron-containing metal-organic frameworks that have many advantages, such as readily obtained raw materials with low cost, nontoxic metal source with good biocompatibility, and distinguished physicochemical features e.g., high porosity, framework flexibility, and semiconductor properties. Iron-based metal-organic frameworks have emerged as promising candidates for drug delivery applications due to their low toxicity, structural flexibility, and safe biodegradation in a physiological environment.


About the Author


As an drug delivery company providing customized solutions for developing and producing new, biocompatible drug delivery systems, CD Bioparticles now offers porous organic materials for global researchers, including the customized Metal Organic Frameworks with various of the material formats and chemical composition to help scientists solve the challenges might meet. Please feel free to contact CD Bioparticles to learn more about MOFs in order to find the right one for your studies.



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